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Founder Of Taekwon-Do

General Choi Hong Hi

Taekwon-Do was devised, studied and completed by Gen. Choi Hong Hi of Korea and brought into the world as modern martial arts.

Gen. Choi Hong Hi had to practice Karate of Japan because Korea was under its colonial occupation for over 36 years. Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule in 1945.

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I.T.F President

Prof. RI Yong Son

Dear Members,
I on behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation(ITF) would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all the Taekwon-Doists the world over who have been devoting themselves to the worldwide development and evolution of the original Taekwon-Do

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Founder of I.T.F.S

Mr Michael Pang Hin Siong

Dear All, Taekwon-Do is a healthy sports for all ages. Join us and have fun in training and maintain a healthy body and mind

What is Taekwon-Do

Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art, created by the Founder and Grandmaster General Choi Hong Hi in 1955. Translated from Korean, Tae means 'to strike or block with the foot' or 'to kick', it also means 'jump' or 'fly'. K'won denotes the 'Fist', meaning 'to strike or block with hand'. And Do is the 'art' or 'way of'. Putting this together, Taekwon-Do means: "The art of Kicking and Punching" or "The art of unarmed combat". Taekwon-Do is an art that implies a way of thinking and life, and particularly in instilling moral civilization and generating the power for justice. Taekwon-Do is also known as one of the best means of developing and enhancing the emotional, perceptual and psychological characteristics that enable the younger generation, regardless of age, social status or sex, to effectively learn and participate in the social demands of his peers.

Every movement of Taekwon-Do is scientifically designed with specific purpose and a skillful instructor may, therefore, develop in the student a belief that success is possible for anyone. Constant repetition teaches patience and the resolve to overcome any difficulty. The tremendous power generated from one's body develops the self-confidence to meet any opponent, at any place, and in any situation. Sparring teaches humilty, courage, alertness and accuracy, adaptability as well as self-control. Pattern teaches flexibility, grace, balance and coordination, while the fundamental exercises develop precision and teaches the method, principle, imagination and purpose. Eventually, this training permeates every conscious and subconscious action of the student.

Our Events

November 19 (08:00 am - 05:00 pm)
35 Teck Whye Ave, Singapore 688892, Singapore