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To all my incredible Taekwon-Do students,

Tomorrow is the day you've been preparing for tirelessly. As you step into the arena to compete with the best, remember that you have already achieved something remarkable. The moment you made the decision to train, to push yourself beyond your limits, and to embrace the challenges, you became winners in my eyes.

This championship is not just about the medals or accolades; it is about the dedication and commitment you have shown throughout your training journey. You have developed the skills, the strength, and the spirit of a true champion. Your hard work and perseverance have brought you to this stage, and for that, I am immensely proud of each and every one of you.

No matter the outcome of the competition, remember that you are champions to me and, most importantly, to yourselves. You have proven that you possess the qualities of discipline, resilience, and determination that are the true markers of a winner.

So, tomorrow, give it your all, trust in your abilities, and showcase the incredible skills you have honed. Embrace the adrenaline, the nerves, and the excitement. Remember that the result is just a small part of this journey, and your growth and progress as martial artists are the real victories.

Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. Go out there and leave everything on the mat. You are warriors, and I have no doubt that you will rise to the occasion. Good luck, my champions!







Coach Chang
Chang's Taekwon-Do Singapore
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Dear Parents,

Good morning! Tomorrow is an exciting day as our children participate in the Sunday ITF Singapore Taekwon-Do Inter-Club Championship 2023. We wanted to take a moment to remind you about the event and encourage you to make the most of this wonderful experience.

First and foremost, remember to enjoy the event! This is a celebration of our children's hard work, dedication, and passion for Taekwon-Do. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, embrace the excitement, and cherish the moments as our young warriors showcase their skills.

As parents, your support is invaluable. Be there for your child, not just physically but emotionally as well. Your presence and cheering can make a significant difference to their performance. Show them that you are proud of their efforts and that you believe in their abilities. Your encouragement will boost their confidence and motivate them to give their best on the mat.

Additionally, we kindly request you to share the news of this event with your family and friends. Spread the word and invite them to witness the impressive performances of these young athletes. Let's create a supportive environment filled with applause, cheers, and admiration. By involving our loved ones, we can make this event even more memorable and impactful.

We wish all the participants the best of luck and remind them to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship. Let them know that regardless of the outcome, their dedication and hard work are commendable. They are all winners in their own right, and we are proud of every step they take in their Taekwon-Do journey.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Let's make the Sunday ITF Singapore Taekwon-Do Inter-Club Championship 2023 an unforgettable experience for our children and everyone involved.

Warm regards,

Coach Chang
Chang's Taekwon-Do Singapore









Coach Chang
Chang's Taekwon-Do Singapore
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